This is the future of my music. PATREON!


Patreon works sort of like Kickstarter or Indiegogo - but instead of backing one large project, like album or music video, here on Patreon, you help support a bunch of smaller projects (like my videos or songs!) By joining the Patreon family, you pledge per month and in return, receive some pretty RAD rewards! You can choose to pledge any amount you'd like per month ($2, $5, or $10) You will also receive things no-one else will like behind the scenes videos, video blogs, and interviews with the band! 


Performing and creating music has been my full-time job for 9 years now, but there are still so many songs and video requests that I've been unable to get to because of time restraints and lack of funding. Through your support on Patreon, I'll be able to raise enough to hire a team to help me like videographers, photographers, graphic designers and producers. The possibilities stretch so much farther than simply recording covers in my basement with my cats(lol) and with your help, we can achieve a lot of great things! 

No matter the amount you decide to give, every dollar will go back into the creation of more content. But if you don't fancy any of the rewards, no worries! The fact that you enjoy and listen to my music is what keeps me creating! I wouldn't be where I am today without you, so regardless of whether or not you decide to support me here on Patreon, thanks for your love, time, and for just being RAD!




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